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My mission is to add value to you wherever you are in your leadership journey. I want to help lost leaders find their way. I want to arm good leaders to be great leaders. I will do this by giving you my military experiences, my lessons learned, my successes, and my failures. 

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My Leadership Charge

A leader is first when everyone’s natural tendency is to be last and last when everyone’s natural tendency is to be first. I will do what is uncomfortable.

I Must

Have the Courage to Act


Focus. Test. Believe.


Never Forget I am Third


My Leadership Actions


  • Defined-Living Free from pride or arrogance. Viewing myself in a position of submission.

  • Introspection -Am I allowing myself to be vulnerable? Do I allow myself to receive inputs/help?

  • Charge-Be the quiet professional who seeks help and feedback when needed. God-People-Me. Never forget, I am third.


  • Defined- Actions based on my experience, knowledge, and belief

  • Introspection. Are my actions worthy of following? Where are my actions based? Selfish Desire/Christian belief/Experience? Based on my belief, do I have the courage to act upon what I believe in?

  • Charge- Set the right example. Demonstrate the courage to act, and continue to take the step forward. Focus-Test-Believe.


  • Defined-tirelessly placing other's needs over your own personal needs.

  • Introspection-Do I genuinely Care for my team? Do I care what they think or what they become? Am I beaten to a place of indifference? Do I show a “you first not me” approach?

  • Charge-This one may do the most for me. I’m an ineffective faker. If I am unable to authentically care for my team it’s time for me to leave, or self-reflect how I have arrived there. This must extend to families. In most cases this is my Center Of Gravity. I don’t have to like them, I got to Love them! “You first not me”

Military Info

I am an Air Force PJ with 19+ years of military experience. My operator initials are Whisky Tango. I have deployed seven times to support five different named operations. My deployed roles were casualty evacuation, technical rescue specialist, and combat search and rescue. As a Senior Master Sergeant, I have led military personnel on and off the battlefield. I have also spent over a decade as an instructor. I have taught uniformed members leadership and problem-solving. My proudest achievements during my time in the military were mentoring successful airmen and building high-functioning teams. I am still actively serving but hope to retire soon. I am also a happily married man of 17+ years, and a father of 3 amazing children. 

Street Cred


Senior Enlisted Leader

Operations Superintendent

Program Manager


Curriculum developer


Paramedic--Jumpmaster--Dive Supervisor--AIE Master--Senior Evaluator--Senior Instructor--Professional Management Certification


BA of Science

Associates of the Airforce



Guilty Pleasure

Video Games

Favorite Books

Red Rising--The 7 Habits of Highly effective people 

Favorite Podcasts

The Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast

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