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The Essential D's of Task Management

by Whiskey Tango

Bottom Line Up Front- Task management is essential to task-saturated leaders. Knowing and utilizing The 3-D method is critical to success.

Discussion- The 3-D method is a modified version of what you may have read in a multitude of leadership books. This is not new it is just my method of implementation. The biggest mistake I see leaders make is to begin their work day by opening up emails. Huge mistake. The minute we open up emails we get derailed. Our priorities get stifled. Our objectives are a backseat. All too often we spend our day chasing our tails.. Racking and stacking our priorities ensures that our current day's mission is in line with our objectives.

Recommendation- Instead of opening up emails start your day by looking at your daily priorities. Keep a standing list of tasks. These tasks should be sorted according to their priority. Each time you get a new task put it in your rack and stack. If you think of a good idea you want to implement, put it in your rack and stack. Riffling through emails, put in your rack and stack. All of your actionable tasks should be racked and stacked. Use the method below to sort through your actions.

This leadership model is used for task management and for time management
The 3-D Management tool for leaders

The 3-D Method.

Do- These are the time-critical tasks that must be accomplished. They have short critical suspenses that if left unattended could cause mission failure. These are tasks you must do. They are unique to your position. The task should be listed along a suspense date for future triage.

Delegate-These are the tasks you've handed to other people that require follow-up. Or they are tasks that you will hand to other people. They are not unique to your position. They are critical and must be monitored for completion. They should be listed with a task description, a point of contact, and a completion date.

Delay- These are organizational goals that you desire to accomplish but are unable to action right now. These tasks are future desires that support your overall objectives. They may also be personal goals you wish to accomplish. This section should have a task description with a scheduled date to spend time on this task. If you don't place a date on these tasks you will never do them.

Note- Also add Critical dates. There may be major organizational events that are coming down the pipe. Add these dates so you can track these timelines.


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