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BOLDFACE Leadership: Unleashing Your Full Potential with Retired Major General Chad Franks

I recently had the opportunity to attend a leadership seminar with retired Major General Chad Franks. The General described his boldface.

Boldface refers to a specific formatting style used to highlight critical actions or procedures that must be followed without hesitation or deviation. It is typically employed in emergency or abnormal situations to emphasize the utmost importance of certain steps.

When a checklist item is designated in boldface, it indicates that it is a vital action that must be executed promptly and precisely. These actions are considered essential for the safe operation of the aircraft or for mitigating potential risks. Pilots are trained to prioritize and execute boldface items immediately to ensure the best possible outcome in critical situations.

The boldface format helps pilots quickly locate and recognize critical steps within checklists, particularly in high-stress or time-sensitive scenarios. By highlighting these key actions, it reduces the risk of oversight or omission, ensuring that pilots can respond efficiently and effectively in challenging situations.

The use of boldface in flying and checklists is a crucial aspect of aviation safety, emphasizing the need for swift and accurate decision-making in critical moments. It reinforces the importance of adherence to established procedures and plays a significant role in minimizing risks and maintaining operational integrity.

Leaders have a Boldface. These Critical items must be followed and must be memorized for precise and critical leadership action. Listed below are the points I noted during the seminar on the General's Boldface.

  1. Know your Job. Know your People

  2. Set the example

  3. Make Decisions

  4. Demonstrate Courage

  5. Integrity is non-negotiable

  6. Loyalty up and down the chain

  7. Carry your own Bags

In the weeks to follow I will deep dive each idea from my personal viewpoint.


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